Classification standard of mask protection level

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Masks have a certain filtering effect on the air entering the lungs. When respiratory infections are prevalent, wearing masks has a very good effect when working in a polluted environment such as dust. What are the mask protective products, can disposable masks be reused, and the details of the classification standards for mask protection? Let ’s take a look.

Masks (hygiene products to filter air entering the nose and nose)

A face mask is a sanitary product, generally refers to a device worn on the nose and nose to filter the air entering the nose and nose to prevent harmful gases, odors, and droplets from entering and exiting the wearer's nose and nose, and is made of gauze or paper.

Masks can be divided into air filter masks and air supply masks.

What are the protective equipment for masks and what are the commonly used protective equipment?

Eyes, ears-goggles, earplugs, earmuffs

We often see welding people using goggles and goggles to protect our eyes and face from external harm.

Our ear protection products are usually earplugs or earmuffs.

Respiratory organs --- masks, masks

Respiratory protection products are mainly used to prevent the human body from inhaling dust and toxic substances from the outside world. Commonly used are dust masks and gas masks.

Hand --- glove

Hand protection products are gloves with various functions, such as oil, heat, corrosion and so on.

Body --- protective clothing

We can often see the protective clothing worn by firefighters when they extinguish a fire, which can protect our bodies from harm, and many other protective clothing with different functions.

Protective equipment needs attention

When using protective equipment, pay attention to its scope of use, bearing capacity and service life, strictly follow the instructions for use to ensure your own safety.

What are the classifications of protective masks, and the details of the classification standards of protective masks?

First, disposable masks

The main material of disposable masks is a non-woven fabric plus a layer of filter cloth, which has a small effect on dust and some PM2.5 and avian influenza viruses, but it blocks fine particles such as PM2.5 and avian influenza. The effect is also limited.

Second, industrial protective masks (N95 type)

The main material of the N95 mask is imitation cotton plus special filter cotton for the mask, and the sealing performance of the overall design of the mask is good for blocking and filtering PM2.5 and avian influenza virus. The N95 mask is re-industrial dust and toxic gas environment It also has a good protection effect, and the historical time of use is relatively long, so everyone's recognition of this is relatively high.

Third, cotton masks + ordinary filter masks

Now there is no more hot PM2.5 mask in the market. A layer of cotton and an ordinary non-woven filter say that this mask can block the filtering of PM2.5 micro particles. In fact, as long as we get the product, we can move it. If you think about it, you will understand that this mask is not particularly effective in blocking PM2.5 and avian influenza virus. Of course, it is better than the first two in terms of practicality and visual beauty.

Fourth, chemical fiber masks

The main component of chemical fiber mask material is chemical fiber material. The mask itself does not have a filter material that protects and blocks. Therefore, the barrier effect on dust is quite limited, let alone PM2.5 or influenza virus, but wear a ratio Don't wear strong.

V. Nano antibacterial material + activated carbon + ultrafine fiber filter (special mask for nano antivirus PM2.5)

This mask uses a relatively mature nano material (nano-silver) to attach to the mask fabric. Everyone knows that nano-silver can be used for disinfection and purification of drinking water. Therefore, it is also suitable for micro-pollution particles such as PM2.5 adsorbed on the mask. And bacterial germs have a strong decomposition and killing effect. If possible, you can use an air purifier, use a Chuangpujing USB mini purifier, and open fewer windows when there is haze.

The main material of disposable masks is a non-woven fabric plus a layer of filter cloth, which has a small effect on dust and some PM2.5 and avian influenza viruses, but it blocks fine particles such as PM2.5 and avian influenza. The effect is also limited.

It is understood that "new crown pneumonia" is transmitted through close contact and droplets. If you have a N95 mask at home, use it when you need it, such as when visiting a hospital. You can drive alone without a mask. Wearing a mask, personal prevention, is based on the individual's risk of exposing the disease. If you go to a public place or take public transportation, it is recommended to wear a mask. If you are alone, driving by yourself, or walking in the park without intensive personnel contact, you can also avoid wearing a mask. The risk of infection is very low.

Can disposable masks be reused?

Some doctors suggest that ordinary people do not have to change their masks once. Ordinary people can decide whether to replace the mask according to the cleanliness of the mask. In the case of tight supply, it is safe and reasonable to prolong the use of the mask.

The popular "steaming" or "boiled water" is popular. The entry of water will cause the charge in the filter layer to disappear quickly, leading to a significant decrease in the filtering effect. The surface smeared and sprayed with alcohol is difficult to disinfect the inside of the medical mask. Under the current epidemic conditions, disinfection and reuse of disposable anti-virus masks should not be promoted.

Medical surgical masks and medical N95 masks are both "disposable", but from the designer's point of view, ordinary people do not need to use a protective mask before throwing them away unless they go to a high-risk place such as a hospital, a large supermarket, or a suspected patient. , Can be used two or three times, thereby reducing the consumption of mask resources. For example, after taking a walk home, take off a mask, put it in a ventilated environment, dry it naturally or dry it, and prevent the superficial flora from accumulating, so it can be used again by myself.

How masks last longer

The doctor said: It is usually changed every 4 hours, but you don't need to change it every time you wear it. You don't need to change another one after eating or doing other things. As long as you put the mask inside, you can continue to use it. For example, when you go out to play, there are not many people on the court, so you don't need to wear a mask.

In addition, note that the mask does not need to be changed every time, it is usually changed every 4 hours, and it is not necessary to change it every time. After eating or doing other things, there is no need to change another one, as long as the inside of the mask is folded inward, you can continue to use it.

Ordinary people generally do not wear N95 masks. Ordinary medical surgical masks can block even PM0.4. Viruses are usually attached to droplets, and some may be attached to aerosols. This has not been completely determined. However, the general ordinary medical surgical mask can block most of the viruses attached to the droplets, which is very useful.