Introduction to the process of putting on and taking off protective clothing

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1.Process of wearing protective items: washing or disinfecting hands → entering clean area → wearing medical protective masks → disposable hats or cloth caps → changing work shoes and socks → wearing work clothes → wearing gloves → entering potentially polluted areas → taking off work clothes → wearing protective clothes Or isolation clothes → wear disposable hats → disposable medical surgical masks → protective glasses → gloves → shoe covers.

2.Removal of protective items: hand disinfection → removal of protective glasses → removal of outer disposable medical surgical masks → removal of outer disposable work caps → removal of protective clothing or isolation clothing → removal of shoe covers → removal of gloves → disinfection of hands → Enter the potentially contaminated area → change work clothes → wash hands and disinfection of hands → take off work clothes → wash hands and disinfection of hands → remove the disposable disposable hat or cloth cap → remove medical protective masks → bath and change clothes → clean the mouth, nasal cavity and external ear canal


(1) Contaminated articles should be placed in special containers;

(2) Wash and disinfect hands immediately after each contact with the patient;

(3) Protective supplies such as disposable surgical surgical masks, medical protective masks, protective clothing, or gowns should be replaced immediately when the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, etc. are contaminated;

(4) Personal hygiene treatment should be carried out before work, and the protection of respiratory tract and mucosa should be paid attention to.

Second, the new coronavirus infection pneumonia disinfection personnel wear and remove protective items process:

1. The process of wearing protective items: washing hands or disinfecting hands → wear work clothes → wear medical protective masks → wear hats → wear protective clothing or isolation clothing → wear full gear or protective glasses → wear inner latex gloves → wear acid resistant protective clothing → wear acid resistant Protective rubber boots → wear acid-resistant protective gloves.

2. The process of removing protective items: spraying protective clothing and protective boots with disinfectant → removing the outer acid-resistant gloves → removing the acid-resistant protective boots → removing the outer acid-resistant protective clothing → sterilizing the hand → removing the comprehensive tool or protective glasses → disinfecting the hand → taking off Clothing or isolator → disinfect hands → remove hats → remove medical protective masks → remove inner gloves → hand hygiene.


(1) Disposable protective equipment: Dispose in a medical waste bag, and dispose and manage in accordance with the "Regulations on the Management of Medical Waste" and the "Measures on the Management of Medical Waste in Medical and Health Institutions".

(2) Reusable items: Put them back in the dirt bag for disposal.

(3) The surface of the disinfection tool is scrubbed, disinfected and dried with a disinfectant for future storage.

Remember! Discarded contaminated supplies must be disposed of in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of medical waste management measures to avoid contact and transmission!