Leader of China-Italy expert group: local medical resources are in short supply

2020-03-29 20:00:07 admin 8

"Italy, come on!"

Before entering the ward, Qiu Yunqing wrote a blessing behind the protective suit.

This was the third day he led the Chinese medical expert team to Italy, and they came to the epicenter of the epidemic-Bergamo in Lombardy, northern Italy.

At present, Italy has become the country with the worst epidemic situation outside China, with a cumulative total of more than 70,000 patients diagnosed. Of the more than 70,000 people, Lombardy accounts for half, and Bergamo is the "hardest hit area" in Lombardy. The obituary in the "Bergamo" has increased from two or three pages per day to eleven or twelve pages.

"Everything stopped, no one sang on the balcony." In the minds of the town residents, Bergamo was sad at the moment. But Qiu Yunqing knows that such silence does not come easily.

Qiu Yunqing, the leader of the second batch of anti-epidemic medical expert groups in Italy, and the executive vice president of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine (hereinafter referred to as "Zheyi Hospital"). On March 18th, he and 11 members of the expert group set off from Shanghai, accompanied by a ventilator, monitor, testing reagents, masks, protective clothing, etc., totaling 9 tons of local medical supplies in short supply, and rushed to Milan, Italy.

In the past week, the Chinese expert team has learned all the experiences, leaving residents at home, and keeping the "faucet" of virus transmission intact is a trick in the bag.

When they landed in Milan, the panel of experts pulled up a red banner and wrote in Italian the words of the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca-"We are the waves of the same sea, the leaves of the same tree, the flowers of the same garden".

The return date is unknown, and they are going through a crisis with Italy.