Italy fully invested in the production of medical protective equipment

2020-03-29 19:56:35 admin 3

In response to the rapidly deteriorating new crown epidemic, Italian fashion manufacturers are actively taking action-from professional cycling apparel manufacturers to high-tech underwear fabric manufacturers, from textile giants to private tailoring studios, all are transforming production lines for Production of scarce supplies such as masks and protective clothing.

While waiting for the Italian "Cura Italia" decree (containing special provisions authorizing the production of medical surgical masks) to take effect, textile companies are currently studying product proofing, and some have begun production.

From Mantua to Bergamo, small and medium-sized enterprises urgently put on mask production

In this regard, one of the most responsive large companies is the textile group Miroglio: the group has responded to the call of the Piedmont Region President to start producing masks, with production of 600,000 pieces in two weeks.

EmiArtemisia, a textile company based in Castel Goffredo (Mantua), has also started producing masks.

Stefano Bottura, a shareholder of Castel Goffredo, said: "At first I was reluctant because I knew I couldn't quickly produce a product that could be certified as a medical device. But then Bergamo Hospital told us: no matter what the mask is, it's better The cloth cut from the sheets. So we started production: we produce 10,000 a day, but we can produce more in the future. "

The company has 25 employees and produces 10,000 masks every day. Previously, the company was mainly engaged in high-tech underwear fabrics. In the process of producing masks, they also applied the same expertise: "We produce hygienic masks, which are characterized by very fine weaving and the same yarns as antibacterial functional clothing. A supplier in Bergamo. "These masks have now entered major hospitals, businesses and pharmacies in Mantua. At the same time, the company has also developed some samples that can be certified.

Santini, a professional cycling apparel maker from Bergamo, has taken the same action, and its marketing director Elena Santini said: "We have launched some samples and now it depends on whether they can be certified. Then we also plan to produce washable And reuse masks. "

"The situation in Bergamo is very bad, and like many other local businesses, we are doing everything we can to help." Santini's production capacity is 4,000 masks per day. "This is a race against time," she concluded.

Italy Federation of Fashion Industry Makers Issue Recruitment Order Through Social Media

While small businesses are investing in their own efforts to fight the epidemic, the Italian Fashion Industry Confederation (Confindustria Moda) has also launched an action: through social media platforms, the association and PricewaterhouseCoopers have jointly launched a recruitment of textile and fashion companies Initiative for the production of waterproof "non-woven fabrics" (TNT), masks, protective clothing and footwear.

"We receive about 100 applications every day across Italy," said Erika Andreetta, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers. "Now we want to better understand the standards."

Among the candidates are tailor studio Amrita Kids from the Chieri Textile Museum in Turin.

The team hired female workers from the “Reborn in Italy” project, who had been victims of illegal human trafficking and received assistance in Italy.

LeOlesea Ionita of Amrita Kids Studio said: "When I saw the news on social media, I responded immediately. Our tailors are ready to make masks and protective clothing for free." In addition to producing clothing for online sales, the team also works for a number of apparel companies: "One of our customers has a protective clothing company, so we already have patterns. We have a large tailoring team that can Work is carried out in compliance with the epidemic-related safety guidelines. "